Geniux. By Gedo.

Our new challenge. And your new training partner.

What is Geniux?

A GPS device combining the latest technology with our experience in the world of football.

What can Geniux do and let you do?

It sees, measures and shares in detail your development as a player and as a person from the age of 14.

What is Geniux for?

It’s designed to make your full history available from the first day you start using it:

- Data: from your training sessions and matches.

- Photos: of the moments you want to remember.

- Development: as a player and as a person.

- Training: so your coaches can help you improve.

- HEALTH: so you can play your favourite sport without taking risks.

Who can you share your Geniux development with?
With your trainer, your family and your friends. 
Who is helping us create Geniux?

We have partnered with the technical personnel of 50 of Spain’s youth football clubs, who have joined in our challenge.

How many devices will we start manufacturing in September?

10,000 devices.

In which countries can you reserve your Geniux?

In 16 countries.

1st phase: Spain

2nd phase: USA, Portugal, Poland and Croatia.

3rd phase: Malta, UK, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Greece and Cyprus.

4th phase: Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Italy.

Which will be the next countries where you can reserve a Geniux?

In 5 countries: Bulgaria, Czechia, Lebanon, Iran and China.